Pauludetto & Cia. Ltda. was founded by the brothers Alceu, Gilberto and Moacir Paludetto. They began as a metallurgical of lathe, solder and wood handling. In 1986 the owners decided to build a new headquarter and setup shop for the manufacturing of wooden furniture. That is how the Móveis Albatroz brand was created.
In the beginning the company manufactured ivory-turned bunk beds and then moved to the production of trunks and shoe holders made from plywood. Adapting to the market and attending the needs of customers in 1988 the company began manufacturing wardrobes with plates pressed.

Móveis Albatroz's Facade
Shortly afterwards, the raw material was substituted by agglomerated wood sheets lined with FF and the products became a huge success in sales. This let the company to start producing complete bedroom sets and shelves. In 2001 a branch of Paludetto & Cia. Ltda. was created with the brand Palumóveis and started manufacturing racks, shelves and wardrobes. In the beginning of 2003, there was an important change in the lining of Moveis Albatroz\'s products. The agglomerated sheets that were being lined by FF started to be lined by UV impression, as were the products of the Palumóveis brand.
Throughout its 29 years, Móveis Albatroz made many investments in its infrastructure and machinery. Until 2005, the company had 2 production units in different locations: the headquarter had a 2,500 m² area and its branch had 3,000 m². In 2006, with a new market dynamic and innovations, the company built a new unit with 6,000 m² and recently increased the space to 15,000 m². The current line of furniture is made up of Wardrobes, Dressers, Kitchens, Bed Tables, Head Boards and Multi-Use Products.

  •  VISION 

    To be a competitive and sustainable company, with strategic business management, diversifying and investing in sales channels and automating the productive and administrative processes.


    Sermos confiáveis, inovadores e competitivos, produzindo móveis com qualidade e design.

  •  VALUES 

    Faith, Ethic, Sustainability, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Enthusiasm, Innovation, Humility and Evolution.