Móveis Albatroz believes that technology and qualified human resources, combined with an environmental responsibility program, can improve the use of raw material and give the right treatment and destiny to residue resulted from industrial activities. Therefore contributing to the improvement of our planet and the quality of life of future generations. The concern for the preservation of our environment and good quality of life are directly related to product manufacturing for us. Our products are developed taking in consideration the concern to bring the least possible impact to the environment and to our society.
Human Resources Technology
Annual Plantation: 3000 Hectares
As a result of our concerns, we participate in SIM Flor - a program created 10 years ago by SIMA (Sindicate of Furniture Manufacturers of Arapongas) in partnership with EMATER - PR (Tech Support and Rural Extension Institute of Paraná), authority associated with the State Department of Agriculture and Supplies. SIM Flor pursuits the sustainability of raw materials for the furniture manufacturing hub in the North of Paraná and to offer investment opportunities, diversification, sustainability and income to rural properties situated in a 90 Kilometer radius of Arapongas/PR, where the largest furniture manufacturing hub of Southern Brazil is located. The hub consumes 420,000 m³ in wood products, from which 30% are cut wood and in order to supply the current demand, there needs to have an annual harvesting of 3,000 hectares in the region\'s forest. We take a step further with the concerns regarding the residue from the manufacturing of our own products and we do so by following the guidelines of IAP and IBAMA. This is Móveis Albatroz, a company that is solid and has a responsibility with the environment. Due to this responsibility, the company was awarded the CERTIFICADO DE RESPONSABILIDADE AMBIENTAL, with the Seal ECOSELO, promoted by CETEC - Insustrial Residue Treatment Center, by working within the guidelines of the institution.